Crystal Huskey is a writer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. She and her husband, Paul, are the owners of crystalnovemberHuskey Media. They own Clinton Life, Secret City Life and are working with a group of journalists in Knoxville to fill the void left behind by Metro Pulse.


  • Experienced editor/reporter/publisher with a high level of curiosity and natural storytelling ability
  • Successfully launched two high-quality publications in Anderson County
  • Research and report stories quickly and accurately.
  • Passion for people and learning the stories behind the news.
  • Clear and concise writing style that resonates with readers.
  • Expert in reporting breaking news as well as in-depth cultural pieces for online media outlets.
  • Knowledgeable in international affairs and current events.
  • Thorough knowledge of AP style.


As a child, she grew up in the Netherlands with her missionary parents. She developed an early love of reading and writing and published her first book of poems when she was six – on heavy stock paper, held together with velvet ribbons.  Her mother gave it two thumbs up.

The strangeness of her childhood warped her perspective of reality and gave her a unique worldview.  An evangelical family in a post-modern nation was a lovely juxtaposition, one that resulted in a distinctly third-culture kid.  Not only were her parents missionaries in an international church, ministering regularly at refugee camps, they were also musicians.  Philosophical musings and eclectic tunes defined her early life, and she often went to bed to the sound of her father strumming his 12-string rosewood guitar as her mother clanged away the cups and saucers from coffee and dessert with the Roma Gypsy neighbors.

The return to America when she was 12 was the proverbial needle ripped from the record player.  It left her a bit scratched, but with (hopefully) a little more character.

She wrote dark, angsty poetry as a teenager, and managed to write a couple of short scripts for plays.  Once she learned the art of combining her poetry with her piano melodies, songwriting became her first love.

One day she will write a crazy science fiction novel. Her inspirations include Russell Brand, David Tibet, David Bowie (the good songs, not the weird ones like Ground Control to Mr. Tom), Muse, Aslan, Thomas Friedman, Christiane Amanpour, Yanni and Joyce Bone.

She is not as pretentious as this bio makes her appear.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter, or send an email to crystalhuskey@gmail.com.


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