Ten Things That Remind Me of You, Dad


1. Coffee – Because you started my coffee addiction at 16, when I moved too slow and forgot how to speak so early in the morning. I think you would put in 16 scoops of sugar and half a cup of milk. Thanks!


2. Reubens at European Street! Thanks for taking me on dates and forcing me to tell you about my life ๐Ÿ™‚


3. So obviously this is not us, but it reminds me of you because of the countless hours we spent “philosophizing,” discussing why north is “up” and south is “down” to the frustration of mom. Because we can discuss the rise of Iran to the nuances of our favorite coffee blend within a span of 5 minutes.


4. Basically, every blonde man with facial hair reminds me of you. Even this one. I didn’t realize this until I was about 28; this concerns me a little, since I always thought blonde men were very attractive. I’m glad I ended up married to a black-haired guy. Because that’s just a little weird.


5. I found these when I typed in “old man shoes.” Hahaha. These types of shoes remind me of you.


6. Nobody enjoys their chicken tikka masala like we do! Thanks for always discussing the complexities of flavors and listening to me jabber about the latest new ethnic food I’m in love with.


7. Because your Bibles are very, very well-worn. So cracked Bibles will always remind me of you. Thank you for connecting those two memories together; I’ll always love God more because of you.


8. Even the smell of a guitar reminds me of you! You’re the reason I love music, jazz, blues, and musicians. Each time I play piano I think of you, because we have the exact same rhythms.


9. The one meal you make better than mom!


10. I’m starting to think that most of my favorite things are because of you…

You know you’re a Gamble if (Part II):

  • You go through Hell and don’t stop
  • You know more about human trafficking than you wish you did
  • You have a very strong opinion on bathroom tile
  • You have a very strong opinion on laminate vs. hardwood
  • You have a very strong opinion on U.S. involvement in Iraq
  • You have a very strong opinion on basically anything
  • You know what happened to film director Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam
  • You’ve incorporated “perfect” into your vocabulary and answer to new names, like Babu, Gamma, Mom and Uncle
  • You think puppets are the highest form of comedy
  • You have a love/despise relationship with carbs

And now… a few blasts from the past…

dad11 dad10

dad9 dad8 dad7 dad6 dad5 dad4 dad3 dad2 dad


4 thoughts on “Ten Things That Remind Me of You, Dad

  1. You are so precious Crystal. This made me cry and laugh. Your dad and I couldn’t be more proud of you and grateful for having a daughter like you.

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