Meet Alisa Boykin

Published in Our Town Gwinnett Magazine 

I’m excited to be the new cover story writer for Our Town Gwinnett Magazine!  I’m really looking forward to meeting some interesting and inspirational people around town.  Here is a short excerpt of my first article published through Our Town:

The roles of a twenty-first century mother are endless – nurse, cook, maid, laundress, seamstress, CEO of Domestic Operations and, often, a job that actually offers a paycheck. Add to that a satisfying social life and a blissful romantic relationship, and it begins to feel like walking a tight-rope while carrying an assortment of china plates and saucers.

There is something within a woman that drives her to accomplish more than she ever thought possible. Whether it’s a lifelong dream, love for her children, or a drive to change the world, a catalyst always exists to push her further and further until she reaches her goal. Often, the strength of a woman lies in her ability to multitask and care deeply for those around her.

A shining example of this innate ability is Alisa Boykin, a Cayce, South Carolina transplant who made her way to Gwinnett County seven years ago with her family.

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